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Punk-o-matic 2 Punk-o-matic 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Better and more addictive than Rock Band

Better than the first one in everyway. i love it :D
Just wish my computer didn't lag so much, makes the games almost impossible.
Is there anything i can do to bar buy a new computer to solve this Evil-Dog?

Heres my song though if anyone wants to check it out

(We Suck)df-aau-gay-ecA-aab-gab-gax-cbj-a cD-aaD-gaJ-gcG-acJ-aau-gau-ecC-abM-cc z-ccY-caD-gaJ-gcG-acJ-adf-gcX-ccY-ccK -ccz-cab-gai-cbk-caD-gai-cam-cak-ccA-
adh-acG-adf-ccJ-acJ-bdf-adh-Z-Z-Z-Z-R ,kZ-akN-ckN-ckN-cbV-abf-adP-ciD-aiS-a iD-chY-akS-aiA-ahW-aiM-ciEiaiEkUiEiai EkUjxiTiEiamU-ciG-akX-idY-ckD-aiR-aiD -chY-aiM-aju-ciEiaiEkUiEiaiEkUjxiTiEi amU-ciG-akX-adX-gdX-gdX-cjC-aiD-agl-c gl-ciF-aeFdTmU-cji-ajxjiji-aia-ajjiFj jibjjiFjjibia-cix-aiH-aic-aif-cif-aiJ -bjn-ajl-Z-Z-Z-Z-R,cK-ebn-aaN-acA-cbp -aaP-acA-cbn-aaN-acA-cbn-aaN-acC-abp-
acc-adP-afG-gfG-gcI-acJ-acA-cbn-aaN-a cA-cbP-adP-acC-cbp-aaN-aaP-abw-afG-gf G-gcI-acJ-acK-gfL-cfL-cfL-cfL-cfN-cfN -cfN-ccc-acA-adgbTdgbtdgbTdgbtdgbTdgb tdgbTdgbtbneadAdabN-adC-adi-adk-cck-a cK-bdk-adj-Z-Z-Z-Z-R,dX-adX-gix-ckB-a kN-amU-cma-abf-adI-cmo-abf-adM-abV-ac W-cgf-ggf-gdU-adV-adJ-cbS-abg-adJ-cbS -abl-adM-ccH-abf-abl-ace-agf-ggf-gdU-
adV-agk-cgk-cgk-cgk-cgk-cgk-cgk-cgk-c gk-cda-adI-aeEcNeEcbeEcNeEcbeEcNeEcbe EcNeEcbcb-ccD-acQ-aeG-aeJ-cdl-adX-beJ -aeH-Z-Z-Z-Z-R

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Evil-Dog responds:

Have you tried reducing the quality in the options, reducing the animation, disabling the concert lights?

Wow awesome song!!! haha totally cool

SIMGIRLS version 5.1 SIMGIRLS version 5.1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Amazing....but dissapionting

Dude the gameplay in this thing is outstanding all the way up untill day #99. I worked 2 hours solid on this game expecting a reward or something, and all i got was a little yellow shit telling me he's pissed of so he's gonna give me a crap ending, i mean come on! when u play a game with the word 'hentai' you expect hentai or sumthing, but don't get it all wrong this game is probably the best sim date on the net, i understand that you are fustrated about ganguro girl ripping you off dont let it ruin this game. Just please i beg you sort out that ending for all our sakes

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Element Saga Chapter 4 Element Saga Chapter 4

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That music kicks ass!

ths is a real fun game, and you had alot to offer here, i dont know how long its gonna take for me to finish it, maybe a bit to hard, but thats a good thing, u couldnt of picked any better music for it, the devil may cry soundtrack is ace! i wish i could get ahold of it myself, and with inprovement on the backgrounds this would definitely my 10,

Punk-o-matic Punk-o-matic

Rated 5 / 5 stars

They should make an '11' for this!

'DDDDDDDDDDDDDDUDE' U ROCK! this everything i've ever looked for in a game, being a guitarist i know who hard it is to come up with stuff all by ur self but managed to master that and they riffs were sweet! i cant express this enough when i say u are a god, the dude bit became a bit repetative but who really cares, a game this gud doesnt have to care about crappy a script. pleaz, pleaze, pleaze make another one, how about hip_hop? that would be sweet or a heavy metal type, eh eh??
i wasn't gonna put my song on but every1 eles has so here it is, the ending's fat!
0-1-a-7-6-1-8-4-4-0-2-7-6-8-8-2-8-8-2-6-8-a-------------- :-)
Ur the real dude Evil-Dog not us!